Project: American Heart Association

Portfolio Project: American Heart Association

The American Heart Association led with a mobile first and augmented reality strategy to tap into the youth market. Within a year they saw a significant impact to student engagement both in terms of registration and donations. It was released to over 18 million kids across the United States with an incredible 37% of all event participants leveraging the app and raising $9.4 million through the mobile app alone.

AR ARcade Experiences included:

24 rigged and animated 3D characters
Backend system integration

Project: AWE

Portfolio Project: Augmented World Expo

Some of the key takeaways of the multi-user AR Basketball Game “HORSE” included the development of a network that supported Mixed Reality and spacial understanding in exciting new ways for AR gaming. The project implemented photogrammetry, 3D modeling, animation, and sound effects including cloth effects, particle simulations, and rigid body effects.

Project: Saks Fifth Ave

Portfolio Project: Saks Fifth Ave

Saks shoppers could use smartglasses or phones to view virtual clothing on a rack in-store or at home, select items to buy, receive recommendations about related clothing or accessories and access relevant information about merchandise.

The app created a frictionless shopping experience that improved buyer confidence, increased spending per-visit, and reduced returned merchandise.

Project: Lenovo

AR Portfolio Project: Lenovo

RPR developed the showcase demo for Lenovo’s new ThinkReality Platform and headset. We were the only development agency featured in Lenovo’s booth at the Augmented World Expo 2019. Three apps that will be launched on all Lenovo ThinkReality headsets were developed by RPR.

Our AR Projects


Augmented Reality Development for location-based entertainment.

Consulting services, business intelligence, and analysis on the AR market.

3D modeling for a location-based entertainment experience that featured a pre-scanned environment, dynamic lighting and baking, Zbrush, and interactive 3D models highly optimized for Hololens.

We developed AR experiences designed for non-profit fundraising that featured custom UI/UX, Vuforia AR Tracking, Unity 3D App Development for iOS and Android, ARkit and ARcore, 3D Modeling and animation, 3D character rigging.

We created 3D models for a retail client that featured highly optimized photogrammetry, 3D models optimized for WebAR, and dynamic lighting and baking.

RPR took Deep Green’s PowerPoint presentation and created a new AR narrative that increased engagement, led to improved sales cycles and featured UI/UX design, 3D modeling and animation, custom transitions and AR interactions, and Unity 3D App Development for iOS.

RPR is an official Snapchat partner with experience in creating content with Lens Studio that features 3D modeling and AR animations, face filters, and custom AR branding experiences.

The RPR team consulted on integration approaches around 3D content and developed 3D models that are highly optimized for Meta’s see-through device and proprietary file format.

We created 3D models for a retail client that featured highly optimized photogrammetry, 3D models optimized for WebAR, and dynamic lighting and baking.

We developed spatial-computing experiences that feature UI/UX design, Unity 3D app development, 3D modeling and animations, structured light sensor, and AR SLAM.

AR solution for real estate and retail that featured UI/UX Design, Unity 3D App Development for iOS, photo-realistic 3D furniture, and ARKit Integration.

RPR developed an AR Gifting experience for the Hilton restaurants that included photogrammetry of food items from their menu, 3D Modeling and animation, and AR Development.

RPR developed an AR Gifting experience for the Waldorf Astoria’s restaurants with a full 1-to-1 virtual walking tour of their Bull and Bear restaurant in AR. The experience includes photogrammetry of menu items, 3D modeling and animation, and AR Development.