The event was hosted by Emily Olman, CEO of Spatial First, and Patrick Johnson, CEO of Rock Paper Reality. It featured a killer presentation by Terry Schussler, Senior Director Spatial Computing, Deutsche Telekom and Tim Friedland, CEO, forwARdgame around 5G and multi-player gaming. Terry and I also dual it out in SCOAAR in Air Hockey in a match that comes down to the final seconds. Check it out!

The show also featured a fantastic fireside chat with Amy Peck, Sr. Director Enterprise Content – HTC Vive, and Tom Emrich, VP, Product – 8th Wall. Amy dived deep into Tom’s highly anticipated AR Trends & How They Might Play Out in 2020.

We would also like to give a huge thank you to Mike Boland for all his support and to Peter Halenbeck from the VRAR Association for editing the video. And a big thank you to Jo Ryall and the Microsoft Reactor for supporting the AWE Nite SF community with their great venue.