Watch RPR’s CEO Present at AWE Nite’s “XR and Accessibility”

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August 25th, 2020

Rock Paper Reality

AWE Nite SF’s first virtual event at Altspace VR focused on “XR and Accessibility” and is now available to stream on Youtube! The event was emceed by RPR’s CEO & Founder, Patrick Johnson, and featured a fantastic lineup of speakers you can see below.

Watch it here:

There were lots of learnings, a few technical challenges, but an all-around successful VR event and was insightful, powerful, and a ton of fun. Here’s a list of all the accomplished presenters and moderators that participated:

Presentation on AltspaceVR’s new Avatar Designs

Panel Discussion – XR and Accessibility

  • April Boyd-Noronha – Global Diversity & Inclusion Advisor, XR Safety Initiative
  • Christopher Lafayette – Founder of HoloPractice & Founder of The Black Technology Mentorship Program
  • Bill Curtis-Davidson – Senior Consultant – Emerging Technology Accessibility at Wheelhouse Group & XR Access Working Group Leader
  • Kai Frazier – CEO & Founder, Kai XR

Hosted By

  • Patrick Johnson, Co-organizer, CEO & Founder, Rock Paper Reality
  • Mike Boland, Co-organizer, Chief Analyst, ARtillery Intelligence & Editor, AR Insider
  • Tom Emrich, VP of Product, 8th Wall


Patrick will emcee the next AWE Nite SF event on AltspaceVR on September 10th at 1pm PST. The event will explore “Virtual Meetings and Events.”

RSVP here:

They’ve already got some great speakers lined up, including a fireside chat. Michael Boland, Co-organizer, Chief Analyst, ARtillery Intelligence & Editor, AR Insider will be speaking with Charlie Fink, XR Consultant, Author, and Columnist.

And if you haven’t already purchased, Charlie Fink’s book “Remote Collaboration, Virtual Conferences, The Future of Work,” I highly recommend you go and buy it here:

See you at the Show!

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