We are excited to announce that Jiten Dajee has joined RPR as the Head of Digital Strategy.

Prior to RPR, Jiten was at Deloitte leading corporate strategy for real-time 3D technologies and implementation of head-worn computing solutions. He has worked with global Fortune 500s to rethink design, engineering, and visualization workflows through real-time rendering in the automotive and media industries. He has managed the growth of VR-based training and AR-enabled workers for energy and telecom clients while guiding retailers to adopt mobile-based AR for richer customer engagement through digital channels.

At RPR, Jiten will help companies harness the full power of AR, drive measurable success, and focus on end-to-end AR Programs that are transformative for business. From market analysis to go-to-market strategies, Jiten is well-equipped to help companies discover, create, and deliver AR Programs guaranteed to exceed expectations.

We’re thrilled to have Jiten on the RPR team as he brings a long history of AR skills, experience, and a passion for immersive technology. We couldn’t be more excited to be working together to imagine the future of RPR and immersive technologies with him.