Alex Branitsky Joins RPR As 3D Generalist

1 minute read

August 13th, 2021

Rock Paper Reality

We are excited to announce that Alex Branitsky has joined RPR as our 3D Generalist.

Alex brings over 5 years of production experience to RPR. With his background in VFX and post-production for film, 3D art development for mobile apps, architectural visualization, and motion graphics he has found the perfect outlet for all these skills in AR/VR production.

He has worked on AR/VR experiences for clients in a variety of industries including, marketing/advertising, education, employee training, retail, tech, and the food/beverage industry. Alex strives to create engaging, emotional, and meaningful worlds for audiences to experience.

We’re very excited to push the boundaries of immersive technology with Alex and for him to be part of the RPR team.

Welcome to the team, Alex!

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