Web AR is the App-less Solution

No application. No download. No friction.


1. Go to App Store2. Search for App3. Download & Install4. Open App5. Permissions & Settings6. Start Experience

Web AR:

1. Scan QR code or tap link.2. Start Experience

RPR Blog Series: Web AR 101

Rock Paper Reality has kicked off a five-part blog series on Web AR, covering everything from what it is and how it works, harnessing the full potential of this new platform, marketing and promotional strategies to consider, hiring for this skill set, and more.

Part 1 of this series, Everything You Need To Know About Web AR, is available now. In this post we cover getting started on this amazing new platform, SLAM tracking and codes, hosting in the cloud, and more.

RPR’s Holographic WebAR Experiences

RPR has partnered with the Microsoft Reactor Capture Studio to bring Holograms to WebAR!

We can now create photo-realistic holograms of your brand ambassadors  and pop them into the real-world to tell your brand’s story. We also specialize in fusing 3D content into the same scenes as your holograms to create AR experiences that never fail to amaze.

Other great uses for holograms include:
  • Connect customers with holographic performances of singers, celebrities, and athletes to endorse your brand.
  • Bring your customers face-to-face with interactive holograms of the people that represent your brand best.
  • Place location-based WebAR holograms into your physical store or at your next event to excite customers and create positive associations with your brand that customers will never forget.


To see WebAR Holograms in action: scan the QR code with your phone’s camera or click the button to the right on your mobile browser to check out a Web AR hologram of RPR’s CEO dancing…as long as you promise not to judge his moves (you’ll understand when you see it for yourself).

Hologram Example




Better User Experience

Greater Engagement

Greater Reach

Higher Conversions

Easier to share

More Sales







WebAR Outperforms App-based AR

WebAR can reach nearly twice as many smartphones as native AR apps

RPR delivers the “wow-factor” with Web AR.

Why RPR for your WebAR?


- Custom Analytics Dashboard
- Google Analytics Compatible
- Capture In-store user engagement


- Facebook Pixel
- Google Ads Re-marketing
- E-Commerce

Content Creation

- 3D Photorealistic Modeling
- Veteran AR Programming
- Animation
- Custom Loading Screens
- Optimization

End-to-end Services

- Ideation
- Production
- Deployment
- Brand consistency

WebAR Hosting

- Integrated cloud hosting services
- Global endpoints
- Deployment
- Rapid content delivery
-Security & encryption

RPR's Trademarked Web AR


  • Think Tinder for consumer products. Swipe right to like or buy an item; swipe left to pass
  • Improve buyer confidence with 3D product engagement in the real-world
  • Deliver higher conversion rates three than typical mobile site benchmarks.
  • Capture valuable data on what your customers like and dislike for more targeted advertising.
  • Redirect users to custom landing pages, wish lists, and ecommerce carts.
  • Integrate with your existing retargeting services like Facebook Pixel and Google Ads


  • Navigate customers to your products to improve ‘basket lift’ and increase revenues
  • Engage and educate potential customers on your product at the point-of-sale to improve conversions
  • With AisleDriver you can reach your customers in the right place, with the right message, at the right time
  • Measure and monitor customer behavior and optimize product placement based on store traffic with our data analytics.