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The Glenlivet

A fully immersive Web AR Portal to launch The Sample Room Collection

Creating a younger, more global audience to engage with a modern whisky brand   


Consulting: Customer journey mapping

Delivery: Web AR design and development, 3D asset creation & animation, campaign ideation and deployment


Web AR


Hospitality (Food & Beverage)

Key contributors:
Basak Akman

Basak Akman

Alexandre Branitsky

Alexandre Branitsky

Daniel Fernandes

Daniel Fernandes

About the project

The Glenlivet are the biggest-selling single malt whisky brand in the United States and the second biggest brand globally. As a market-leading brand, The Glenlivet continues to redefine and reimagine itself to raise awareness among new audiences while positioning itself as a premium whisky maker.

Upon launching a new prestige line of whisky – The Sample Room Collection – The Glenlivet sought a way to introduce the beverage brand in an exciting, interactive, and unique way for this product category. As part of the launch strategy, The Glenlivet wanted to create a physical and virtual sample room that brought audiences into the heart of The Glenlivet distillery. The Sample Room is the company’s creative epicentre, where the whisky makers create and craft new flavours and luxurious finishes.

The Glenlivet - Unique Asset Gallery - 3D A - Tasting Room - Assets - Flavor Profile - Notes - Bottles - Barrel - Table - Logo
The Glenlivet - Unique Asset Gallery - 3D B - Flavor - Tasting Room- Table - Logo -  Environment
The Glenlivet - Unique Asset Gallery - 3D B - Flavor - Tasting Room- Table - Logo -  Environment
The Glenlivet - Unique Asset Gallery - 3D B - Flavor - Tasting Room- Table - Logo -  Environment

The challenge

To allow audiences worldwide to experience The Sample Room, The Glenlivet wanted to create a virtual room that brought to life the three whisky lines which made up the signature collection. The experience had to be authentic and excite audiences as well as position the collection as a premium product in the category.

The Glenlivet wanted to improve how their brand was perceived, moving them away from the traditional connotations of whisky brands to something more modern, bold, and playful. The Sample Room, therefore, had to look and feel more prestigious for a new younger global audience group and had to be easily accessible and understood by both English-speaking and Mandarin-speaking audiences.


Rock Paper Reality was chosen as the immersive technology partner, tasked with designing, developing, and deploying a premium augmented reality experience that brought to life The Glenlivet’s Sample Room and prestigious line of 18, 21 and 25 year old whiskies.

Working with creative partners, we developed a story that took the user into the heart of The Sample Room, bringing the tasting notes of each whisky—such as pear, honeycomb and candied orange peel—to life in floating orbs to educate the user on what makes each whisky so unique. We added an element of gamification, encouraging the user to collect gems representing each bottle’s tasting notes to unlock an added value surprise.

To ensure the experience was easily accessible, we developed a fully immersive 360-degree web-based AR portal that users could activate by scanning the QR code on the back of the bottle. We created 3D assets that were photo-realistic and used visuals and atmospheric sound to generate a sensuality to complement the flavours.

The Glenlivet - Experience - Tracking image - Table - Flavor Profile - Notes - Brushed Copper


We designed, developed, and deployed an interactive storytelling experience, which gave the user exclusive access to the virtual sample room, where they discovered more about each whisky in the Sample Room Collection. 

We achieved our objective of creating a premium virtual experience for a new global audience to engage with whilst lifting The Glenlivet brand to be more modern and playful. As a result of our digital storytelling platform, The Sample Room experience has achieved the following:  

  • Average duration time of 12 minutes
  • Increase in younger audiences (25-year-old) engaged in the experience 
  • Global reach including, but not limited to, China, the United States, Brazil and Ukraine

Our virtual sample room exceeded the stakeholders’ expectations and highlighted the possibilities of using AR for digital storytelling. The Glenlivet has been so impressed that they are commissioning a new AR experience for the release of their new limited edition 40-year-old whisky, to be launched soon.  

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