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Immersive Storefront Experience for T-Mobile 

RPR activates T-Mobile storefront with Google Geospatial for Formula 1 Las Vegas Grand Prix


Delivery: Geospatial campaign

Tech: Geospatial, photogrammetry, WebAR, Adobe Aero
Industry: Telecommunications
Key contributors:
Preston Platt

Preston Platt

Basak Akman

Basak Akman

Alexandre Branitsky

Alexandre Branitsky

Pat Johnson

Pat Johnson

Anna Kite

Anna Kite

Chris Merchant

Chris Merchant

Hannah Bartolomea

Hannah Bartolomea

About the project

In a bold move to redefine the customer experience, T-Mobile, the trailblazing ‘supercharged Un-carrier,’ partnered with Rock Paper Reality to launch an all-new augmented reality campaign to coincide with the Las Vegas Formula One Grand Prix.

This initiative was more than just an advertisement; it was a full-sensory activation that leveraged the latest in Adobe Aero, Google Geospatial, and 3D technology to create a moment of connection between brand and consumer, a shared experience in the fast-paced world of Formula 1 racing. The experience set a new standard for how telecommunications companies—or any storefront business—can engage and inspire their audiences in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

T-Mobile Interaction 1
T-Mobile Interaction 2
T-Mobile Interaction 3

The challenge

As premiere sponsor for the Grand Prix in Vegas, T-Mobile needed to create an engaging activation around its flagship store. T-Mobile sought to create an exciting, immersive experience that would encapsulate its ethos of innovation, speed, and connectivity.

Upon launching the experience, users queuing for the store would be treated to a mesmerizing show — a branded F1 car descending from above and speeding away. Encapsulating the characteristics of innovation, speed and connectivity, the spectacle would showcase the network’s super fast 5G offering and direct customers inside, or to service plans on the website. 

T-Mobile Storyboard

The Solution

In order to create this show-stopping OOH activation, Adobe Aero and Google Geospatial were key. Our development team used a combination of Geospatial technology and photogrammetry to accurately world-anchor the experience to the T-Mobile flagship store in Vegas. The anchoring was so accurate that customers waiting to enter the store could watch the experience unfold precisely around the opening of the building. 

T-Mobile 3D
T-Mobile 2D


We successfully deployed an unforgettable storefront experience using the latest Geospatial technology and 3D technology. By leveraging T-Mobile’s 5G network, we were able to create an even more powerful experience, with minimal friction for users. This meant incredibly detailed, high fidelity assets that were on-brand and super fast to load.

T-Mobile Framed Experience

The F1 Vegas storefront activation was designed to promote T-Mobile’s 5G service offering and engage customers before entering the store. The campaign drew the attention and curiosity of passersby with physical signage promoting the experience. Upon scanning the QR code and completing the experience, users were guided into the store to meet a T-Mobile representative.

T-Mobile Project Impact


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