Company Background

Rock Paper Reality is an Augmented Reality design agency that helps startups and Fortune 500s in marketing, education, entertainment, and retail harness the full value of AR. Our leadership has over a decade of experience working in the trenches of AR product and content creation. Our team has delivered dozens of successful AR products and applications and won Best-In-Show at the Augmented World Expo. 


Bobby King

Founder, COO

Since 2009 Bobby has worked in the AR, MR and XR space and published 6 technology patents. He is relied on as the voice of the customer, collaborating with Product Teams, Engineering, Legal and Operations to discuss trends and opportunities, product requirements and focused GTM plans.

Patrick Johnson

San Francisco
Founder, CEO

Patrick is recognized in the industry as an AR thought leader, with 7 years of research, advising, presenting, and strategizing on AR technologies. He has integrated dozens of AR solutions for startups and Fortune 500s alike, generating millions in new opportunities and savings while building a network of over 25,000 relationships in enterprise and AR.

Preston Platt

San Francisco
Founder, CTO

Preston is a versatile and accomplished Art Director, 3D Designer, and XR Developer with over 16 years in 3D modeling and animation. Preston has executed award-winning designs and applications for enterprise, entertainment, digital agencies, and top-tier brands. Since 2010, Preston has developed AR/XR experiences for platforms such as Google, ODG, Microsoft, Magic Leap and mobile.

What We Do

We are your one-stop shop from concept to deployment.

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