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October 15th, 2019

Rock Paper Reality

Since 2009, the RPR team has worked in the Augmented Reality trenches filing over 100+ patents around Augmented Reality and headworn technology. RPR’s leadership got its start at ODG—a leading smartglasses company founded in 1999 (well before most had even heard of AR)—and was also part of the team that sold over a $100M+ patent portfolio to Microsoft before the Hololens was born.

Although ODG is in the past, some of the core team rose from the ashes and joined together to form RPR with the objective to push AR to its limits while solving real world problems. RPR is known throughout the industry for creating photorealistic 3D content optimized for AR, spatial computing experiences that push the boundaries of mobile and headworn, and for creating end-to-end AR programs for marketing, retail, and entertainment.

From companies who are just beginning to explore AR to those who have global rollouts, RPR will create an AR program that is guaranteed to surpass your needs and improve your bottom line.

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Rock Paper Reality: “The Augmented Reality Agency”

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