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Intel AR Experience for Microsoft Build Event

Boosted interest and downloads of Intel’s AI code on GitHub


Consulting: Customer journey mapping

Delivery: WebAR design and development, 3D asset creation & animation, campaign ideation and deployment


Web AR


Events (Technology)

Key contributors:
Basak Akman

Basak Akman

Preston Platt

Preston Platt

Alexandre Branitsky

Alexandre Branitsky

Daniel Fernandes

Daniel Fernandes

About the project

​​We developed an interactive Web AR experience within a manufacturing factory simulation that brought key Intel AI product features to life.  Our LEGO-inspired factory environment was designed and built to demonstrate how Intel’s AI technology could improve anomaly detection in manufacturing and increase safety.

Additional Objectives:

1 Create a “wow factor” virtual event experience using Web AR to inspire developers to download the Intel code on GitHub.

2 Set Intel tech aside from the pack with an unforgettable AR experience.

3 Create demand for Intel products and service offerings.

4 Get target audiences to experience the fun of playing an AR factory simulation that vividly brings the key Intel product features to life.


1 Set Intel apart from competitors at the virtual event.

2 Easily accessible and scan-able with a QR code; clickable by URL.

3 Scalable so it can be deployed across Intel marketing and advertising channels.

4 2nd screen experience, so users don’t leave the Microsoft event. 

Intel - Unique Asset Gallery - 3D A - Vehicles - Chuck - CCTV Camera
Intel - Unique Asset Gallery - 3D B - Environment


Experience Introduction

We developed an interactive immersive factory inspired by LEGO that followed the journey of “Chuck,” our flawed protagonist, demonstrating how Intel’s AI tech improved efficiency, safety, and cost savings in manufacturing.Upon scanning a QR code, the experience starts with Chuck driving around an AR racetrack in his fancy car. But when he hits a ramp, his car blows up in mid-air. A narrator says, “Let’s see how this could have been prevented had we used Intel’s AI technology.”  

Immersive Factory & Anomaly Detection

A virtual “LEGO inspired” factory initialised in your room. After pressing Start, Chuck appears on your table. The objective of the experience was to build Chuck’s car with Intel’s tech and race it on a racetrack at the end. 

An assembly line transitioned into the scene. Metal car hoods roll down the line, “Let’s see if the Intel Defect Detection can spot the anomaly.”  

As car hoods roll down the line, a camera points at the hood, and a 3D virtual monitor depicts the Intel code. Bounding boxes representing the AI anomaly detection animate around a hood with defective welding points. Alarms sound. The faulty weld is discarded. We have a winner. Chuck has got a new hood for his car.

Safety without Intel

We are then presented with a new part of the factory.. Robot arms start assembling the hood of Chuck’s car. As Chuck walks down the assembly line, the narrator calls for Chuck to be careful, but Chuck doesn’t listen. He runs into the danger zone. The robot mistakes Chuck for a car part and stuffs him into the car. Chuck explodes. This is what could happen without Intel’s AI safety detection.

Safety with Intel Code Inspection

The narrator says, “Now let’s see how this could have been prevented…” A 3D interface shows Intel’s safety tech on a screen. “Visual TripWire” code appears on a virtual monitor. The scene replays. Chuck passes the danger zone, but this time an alarm alerts him. He jumps back to safety, and the robot misses him. A virtual monitor shows the Intel code in action.

Racetrack Finale

Chuck’s new car has been completed, and the narrator states we are now ready to take Chuck’s new car for a spin. Chuck jumps into the vehicle and starts driving around the track. This time Chuck hits the jump and sticks the landing. Thank you, Intel AI! The final screen appears at the end, directing developers to go directly to Github to download Intel’s AI code.

Intel - Experience - AR - Augmented Reality - Tyres - UI - CTA - GET CODE - Chuck - Cowboy - Player


Thousands of users and developers interacted with the experience and left with a positive impression of Intel’s AI tech. Key outcomes included: 

  1. Increased interest and downloads for Intel’s AI code on GitHub.
  2. Increased brand awareness and positive associations with the Intel brand.
  3. Some claimed the experience made Intel the most memorable part of the Microsoft Build event.
  4. Easily deployed across all of Intel’s target channels post-event.
Intel - Post Project - Users - Instagram Post


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