RPR Develops World-First Holographic Retail Platform in WebAR for Microsoft

RPR and the Microsoft Reactor Capture Studio have come together to bring a first-of-its-kind holographic modeling and fashion platform to online shopping.

Our Holographic Retail Solution

With RPR’s upcoming holographic retail platform and Microsoft’s volumetric captured content, clothing companies and online retailers can now bring a diversity of holographic models down a virtual runway in the privacy of your own home, improving the way consumers engage with products and shop online.

What are holograms and how do they work?

Microsoft’s volumetric capture technology, also known as volumetric video, captures and creates photo-realistic 3D “holograms” of people and performances in all-new ways and allows you to interact with holograms in augmented reality, virtual reality, and on 2D screens. 

The Microsoft Mixed Reality Capture Studio (MRCS) is based in San Francisco and has licensed partners in London, Los Angeles, and Seoul.

How our holographic fashion platform improves online shopping

One of the biggest barriers to purchasing clothes and accessories online is the inability to see clothING at scale and in-person, reducing the confidence that the items will look and fit as it does in the 2D photo. 

Now users will be able to view a diversity of holographic models wearing the clothing item at human scale in the real world. This experience improves buyer confidence around online clothes shopping by bringing you face-to-face with the item to inspect fit, look, and quality.

Why is the holographic modeling platform significant?

Never-before has the world been able to view and interact holographic models in WebAR on an online shopping platform as they can with RPR’s Holographic Retail Platform. 

This holographic retail experience will change the way brands virtually showcase and model their clothing lines in Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and 2D browsers.

Why did Microsoft work with RPR for this project?

RPR is the leader in holographic Web AR. With 12-years of experience developing AR applications, Web AR experiences, and consulting for Fortune 500 brands on their AR launch strategies, Rock Paper Reality had the deep experience and talent needed to bring Microsoft’s volumetric content and holographic retail experience to reality. 

RPR has also launched the largest WebAR retail experience to date for Saatchi Art that allows user access over 1Million works of art directly from their site in a feature called “View In My Room.”

“We’re highly impressed with RPR and found them to be a best-in-class AR agency:  highly communicative, creative and customer focused”


More to come

This is only a sneak preview of the new holographic WebAR platform. When it is safe to return to the studio, Microsoft will be capturing new models to populate the site. This is only the tip of the iceberg of what’s to come. 

We are very excited to announce more over the coming months about the impact that holograms and WebXR will have on the future of eCommerce, fashion, retail, and the web. 

If you are interested in learning more about our Holographic WebAR Platform and how it can improve online shopping, email us today for a free demo.

Frequently Asked Questions

Microsoft Reactor Capture Studios is located in San Francisco. You can also work with us through our licensed partner Dimension Studios in London and Metastage in Los Angeles. Email us for other locations or specific project questions.

Holographic video, also known as volumetric video, looks like video from any given viewpoint but exists volumetrically in 3D space. Viewers can change their view of a performance at any time, or actually move around the video, in mixed reality experiences.

MRCS captures performances on their stage using many cameras, then use computer vision algorithms to create a textured 3D mesh per frame. They further process that data to provide some consistency in the meshes over time, which is then compressed into a file format that is playable on a wide variety of cross-platform devices.

The process is very similar to a standard video shoot, with many of the same roles needed for a smooth production. MRCS provides production support with camera operators, producers, and technical directors. To get the best from your shoot day we also recommend makeup/hair, wardrobe, set or prop designer, audio engineer, animal trainer, etc., based on the specific needs and complexity of the shoot. We can help source these additional roles.

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