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Understanding the Metaverse opportunity to inform strategic positioning

Established a go-to-market opportunity – an enterprise solution to help brands create and deploy 3D media


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About the project

Our client is a world-leading developer of 2D & 3D content creation tools. They wanted to better understand how the emergence of the Metaverse would impact their business and how they could best position the company to succeed in a future of 3D content. We worked with their 3D team to discover how content creation would evolve as 3D technology advances hand-in-hand with Metaverse channels and virtual worlds – ultimately identifying their growth opportunities as a 3D media platform for enterprises and brands.

The challenge

The emergence of the Metaverse will redefine how brands engage with their customers, explicitly leveraging channels that support 3D content. Witnessing the massive reach of Metaverse channels, our client wanted to better understand the implications for their business and what commercial opportunities they’re best positioned to pursue.


As a specialist in 3D technology, RPR was uniquely positioned to advise this client on the future of Metaverse content creation. As such, we relied on our deep expertise in 3D content, real-time technology, and enterprise workflows to provide a solution that worked for our client.

We researched 90+ Metaverse offerings across key competitors, identified opportunity areas in current tech, and collaborated with client teams to determine which capabilities to develop to best meet the market’s needs. With an informed perspective of current & future tech, we then defined the needs of our target users, which we validated through interviews with industry experts and representative customers. Finally, we delivered a market intelligence report detailing our recommendations on which Metaverse opportunities to prioritize.


RPR provided this client with a final report summarizing product and go-to-market considerations for their target opportunity – an enterprise solution for non-technical 3D users to help brands create and deploy 3D media. As a result of RPR’s findings, our client gained clarity into a previously ambiguous opportunity area and internal alignment on 3D resourcing investment and integration into their broader product portfolio.


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