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World-First Holographic Retail Platform in WebAR

A first-of-its-kind holographic modelling and fashion platform for online shopping


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Key contributors:
Preston Platt

Preston Platt

Patrick Johnson

Patrick Johnson

About the project

Using Microsoft’s volumetric capture technology, Rock Paper Reality built a virtual modelling WebAR solution for use in online retail.
The platform — made up of individual product and category pages, volumetrically-captured assets and high-quality 3D elements — enables customers to preview clothing items at scale before buying. This enables multi-angle viewing capabilities, empowering users to make informed purchasing decisions with confidence.

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What are holograms and how do they work?

Microsoft’s volumetric capture technology, also known as volumetric video, captures and creates photo-realistic 3D ‘holograms’ of people and performances in all-new ways. It enables users to interact with holograms in augmented reality, virtual reality, and on 2D screens. 

The Microsoft Mixed Reality Capture Studio (MRCS) is based in San Francisco and has licensed partners in London, Los Angeles, and Seoul.

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How our holographic fashion platform improves online shopping

One of the biggest barriers to buying clothes and accessories online is the inability to see items in-person. With little more to go on than a series of 2D product shots, many potential customers do not feel comfortable committing to a purchase.

Thanks to RPR’s specially designed WebAR platform, users are able to view a variety of items showcased by holographic models at human scale in the real world. This experience enables customers to inspect the fit, look, and quality of items as if they were actually in front of them, drastically improving buyer confidence.

Why is the holographic modelling platform significant?

Never before has the world been able to view and interact with holographic models in WebAR on an online shopping platform as they can with RPR’s Holographic Retail Platform. 

This holographic retail experience can have a transformative impact on the way brands virtually showcase and model their clothing lines.

Why did Microsoft work with RPR for this project?

Rock Paper Reality is the leader in holographic Web AR. With 12-years of experience developing AR applications, Web AR experiences, and consulting for Fortune 500 brands on their AR launch strategies, RPR had the deep experience and talent needed to bring Microsoft’s volumetric content and holographic retail vision to reality. 

“We’re highly impressed with RPR and found them to be a best-in-class AR agency: highly communicative, creative and customer focussed”

Hannah Bianchini,
Executive Producer, Microsoft Mixed Reality Capture Studios


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