The World’s First Holographic Web AR Experience

RPR Partnered With Siduri and Microsoft to Launch The First-Ever Holographic Web AR Experience That Will Change The Way Brands Engage and Delight Consumers


Critically-acclaimed Pinot Noir specialist, Siduri, a subsidiary of Jackson Family Wines, partnered with RPR to develop a first-of-its-kind, photorealistic holographic Web AR (Augmented Reality) experience that brings compelling visual storytelling to the consumer product industry. 

RPR joined forces with Microsoft’s volumetric capture team to create a hologram of Siduri’s founder, Adam Lee for the experience. We fused Adam’s hologram with photorealistic, 3D content in the real-world and made it easily accessible through Web AR–this means no downloads, no apps, no friction!  

By combining Web AR and holograms, Siduri can now engage and educate consumers in an all-new way that brings to life the winery’s ethos that: “Serious wine and serious fun aren’t mutually exclusive.”

RPR developed a series of holographic Web AR experiences that involve Adam stepping out of a 3D wine bottle for a variety of interactive “shenanigans” designed to engage and delight users like nothing they’ve seen before. Consumers can easily access the experience directly from a mobile hyperlink (as seen below) or by simply scanning a QR code. 

Next year, the QR code will be included onto Siduri’s wine labels, so that consumers can launch the experience in their favorite grocery stores, wine shops, or restaurants that carry Siduri wines. In six unique experiences, hologram-Adam tells stories about the 25-year old winery to capture the viewer’s attention in a lighthearted, immersive, and educational way.

“This is a powerful partnership of industry leaders."

Steve Sullivan
General Manager
Microsoft Mixed Reality Capture Studios


Siduri Wines came to us with a challenge: To essentially create a hologram of their winemaker and develop a way that their customers could engage with him without any need for an app across the consumer journey: from digital advertising and online promotion to in-store and product activations.   

From a technical perspective, Siduri essentially wanted volumetric content (i.e. holograms) accessible through WebAR that was fused with photo-realistic 3D content.

However, this had never been achieved for a consumer product company before and was no small feat. 

To accomplish Siduri’s vision, RPR identified the right partners and solved a lot of the integration challenges such as managing load times, compression, interactivity, integrating numerous file formats together into one project, and finally creating an optimal user experience flow.

With RPR’s 12 years of experience developing cutting edge AR, we knew that if anyone could achieve their vision, we could. And what was so exciting is that we knew if we did achieve it, we would have accomplished a big milestone for Augmented Reality and consumer marketing alike. So we got to work.

The RPR Solution

RPR’s AR Strategic Consulting

No matter how “cutting-edge” the new AR experience, it is only as successful as its launch strategy. On top of development, Siduri Wines engaged RPR to create their AR go to market strategy. Developed by our AR veteran consultants that come from Tier 1 consulting firms, RPR delivered a comprehensive analysis that identified opportunities to achieve Siduri’s campaign objectives.

The RPR Outcomes

  • Conducted market intelligence research to guide effective engagement and growth of Siduri target customers
  • Designed an online/offline customer journey from awareness to purchase that is anchored by AR but supported by all necessary campaign elements
  • Developed a cross-channel launch strategy for the Siduri AR experiences to grow brand awareness and drive sales
  • Develop a medium-long term strategy following the teaser launch to continue driving awareness for all Siduri experiences (no bottle & on bottle)

The Program Objectives

Raise Awareness for the Siduri Brand

Grow a brand presence that can reach new customers through a campaign that brings a unique AR experience to relevant audiences in high potential channels. 

Drive Deeper Loyalty

Design a customer-centric journey that leverages increased brand presence to invite buyers and fans of the brand to stay connected and facilitate word of mouth sharing.

Invigorate growth

Capitalize on the AR activation with a brand campaign that incentivizes wine sellers to offer Siduri in light of a powerful, coordinated market activation for the brand.

RPR’s AR Development

It’s always a challenge when you’re the first at anything. There are no trails to follow, so you have to blaze them on your own. For the Siduri Holographic Experience, we developed an all-new way to integrate Microsoft’s volumetric content with our photo-realistic 3D assets that was completely accessible through 8th Wall’s Web AR platform.

This disruptive technology from RPR and Microsoft engages and educates consumers in all-new ways that bring Siduri’s founder and the Siduri brand to life through holographic WebAR. 

To drive awareness for this new experience, RPR developed three three holographic, WebAR experiences designed to familiarize users with the technology and establish the Siduri brand as a market leader in best-in-class pinot noir and AR technology.

RPR also created a custom AR experience that will be deployed on Unity’s AR advertising platform which has proven incredibly successful compared to traditional 2D video ads. Can’t say much more about that now but will have a lot more to share soon.

The Result

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • This is RPR’s first-deployed Web AR experience that features volumetric captured video (i.e. holograms) fused with the photo-realistic 3D content, which is particularly exciting for the wine industry. 
  • RPR also created custom AR experiences that will be deployed on Unity’s AR advertising platform which has proven incredibly successful compared to traditional 2D video ads.

Close your eyes and imagine Siduri founder Adam Lee in your living room – poof! That’s essentially what this is. Don’t worry; a stranger won’t suddenly appear in your home – but the photorealistic holographic Web AR experience feels so lifelike that it could be real.  Instead of walking door to door to share Siduri with consumers as Adam did 25 years ago, he is now bringing the delightful experience of drinking wine to consumers through their smartphones.

You can expect to see these closer to the end of the year! Every year Siduri releases a new vintage of award-winning Pinot Noir. This year is no different except that select Siduri wine will be AR-enabled with an exciting new AR experience guaranteed to excite and delight users.