AR Gifting

Plastic gift cards are uninspired, impersonal, and, well, the ‘flattest’ gift you can give. Like plastic straws, gift cards are bad for the environment and a bad choice for your next gift.

If your company offers gift cards and you want to offer a gifting experience guaranteed to delight and improve your bottom line, forget plastic and embrace Augmented Reality gifts.

The Waldorf Astoria Orlando and Hilton Orlando Bonnet Creek have already rolled out AR Gifting and your company should too.

With AR gifting and our proprietary ‘photogrammetry’ process, your customers can send photo-realistic, 3D representations of the same products you sell in your store--all digitally wrapped up in custom wrapping paper and accompanied by your personalized video message.

With Rock Paper Reality’s digitization process, we can even transport your customers to a 1-to-1 virtual representation of your stores, showrooms, or restaurants. Give it a try! 

See AR Gifting in ActionWatch the video below to experience AR Gifting: the future of gift cards.

Best of Breed Partnership

Uptown Network, the leader in guest facing experience technology for hospitality, powers Uptown Gifts. Uptown Network also offers products that turn paper menus into digital menus and boost social media for restaurants. Paper menus destroy our environment and end up in the oceans with plastic straws. With Uptown Network you can ditch your paper menus and plastic gift cards and boost your sustainability strategy and reputation. For more information about Uptown Network, click here.

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